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serveur sql 2008 serial numberToday100%
Elsasoft SqlSpec v5.1.for SQL 200822-07-201544%
Elsasoft SqlSpec v4.1.for SQL 200822-07-201540%
Elsasoft SqlSpec v5.0.for SQL 200822-07-201532%
Elsasoft SqlSpec v5.2.for SQL 200822-07-201518%
Dundas Gauge for Reporting Services v1.5.0.222.for SQL Server 200822-07-201541%
Sage Serveur Sage Netware 13.0023-07-201557%
Sage Serveur Sage Netware 100 12.0223-07-201557%
Sage Serveur 1324-07-201530%
Sage Serveur Sage NT 13.0023-07-201529%
Sage Serveur Sage NT 13.0024-05-201650%
Sage Serveur Sage Netware 100 12.0224-05-201650%
Miscrosoft Sql Server 2008 Enterprise23-07-201555%
SQL Server 2008 Enterprise24-07-201552%
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Developer24-05-2016100%
SQL Server 2008 R2 All versions24-07-201547%
SQL Server 200824-07-201550%
Dundas Map for Reporting Services v1.0.0.556.for SQL Server 200822-07-201545%
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard24-05-201633%
Sql Server 2008 Standard24-07-201523%
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise24-05-20160%
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web24-05-201650%
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Workgroup24-05-201650%
WINDOWS SQL SERVER 2000 sql 200024-05-20160%
Elsasoft SqlSpec v4.1.for SQL 200522-07-201557%
Elsasoft SqlSpec v5.1.for SQL 200522-07-201528%
Elsasoft SqlSpec v5.0.for SQL 200522-07-201527%
Elsasoft SqlSpec v6.0.for SQL 200522-07-201527%
Elsasoft SqlSpec v6.3.for SQL 200522-07-201520%
Elsasoft SqlSpec v5.2.for SQL 200522-07-201518%
SQL Server 2014 (todas las ediciones)30-10-2017100%
My SQL Front
Pl Sql Developer 8.0.423-07-201581%
SQL Server 7.024-07-201581%
SQL Server 2000 Personal Edition24-07-201578%
SQL server 2012 EE24-07-201577%
Pervasive SQL v8.6 Server for Windows23-07-201577%
Gems and jewellery global sql22-07-201575%
SQL Assistant v3.5.2124-07-201583%
Sage comptabilité sql I7 VERSION 7.705-02-201675%
My SQL Front 3.2 build 14.1123-07-201571%
Dundas Map For Reporting Services v1.0.0.512 For SQL Server.2005 Retail-ARN22-07-201573%
Elcomsoft Advanced SQL Password Recovery v1.0122-07-201569%
MS SQL Server Password Unlocker v3.223-07-201565%
Quest Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise v2.1.0.113123-07-201571%
Quest Spotlight On SQL Server Enterprise v3.0.0.269123-07-201565%
SQL Navigator 6.124-07-201565%
SQL Assistant v4.6.1224-07-201561%
SQL Delta v4.124-07-201556%
Quest Spotlight on SQL Server v5.8.0.68923-07-201557%
SQL Assistant v3.5.3024-07-201560%

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