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filemaker server 16 serial numberToday100%
FileMaker Server 7.024-05-201650%
FileMaker Server v8.0-ZWT22-07-201515%
FileMaker Server 5.524-05-201650%
FileMaker Server v9.122-07-201541%
FileMaker Server v10.0.122-07-201536%
FileMaker Server v8.0 MacOSX-ZWT22-07-201520%
FileMaker Server Advanced v11.0.1.9522-07-201541%
Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced server22-07-201542%
FileMaker Server Advanced v10.0.1.6422-07-201535%
FileMaker Server Advanced v11.0.2.21722-07-201539%
FileMaker Server Advanced v9.122-07-201520%
FileMaker Server Advanced v12.0.1.17822-07-201547%
FileMaker Server Advanced v11.0.3.30922-07-201550%
filemaker pro 1124-05-201650%
FileMaker Pro v9.122-07-201516%
FileMaker Pro 8.022-07-201527%
Filemaker Pro 722-07-201556%
FileMaker Pro 7.024-05-20160%
Filemaker Pro 7.0v124-05-20160%
FileMaker Pro 5.024-05-201650%
FileMaker 8v122-07-201530%
FileMaker Pro 4.1.124-05-201650%
FileMaker Pro 4.124-05-201650%
FileMaker Pro 4.024-05-20160%
FileMaker 5.024-05-201650%
FileMaker Pro Advanced v11.0.2.22022-07-201536%
FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advanced22-07-201570%
Filemaker Mobile 2.122-07-201546%
FileMaker Pro Advanced v11.0.3.31222-07-201538%
Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced22-07-201525%
FileMaker Pro Advanced v10.0.0.30322-07-201564%
FileMaker Móbile 722-07-201547%
FileMaker Mobile v8.022-07-201555%
FileMaker Pro Advanced v9.122-07-201536%
FileMaker Pro Advanced v10.022-07-201534%
FileMaker Pro 5.0fc124-05-201650%
FileMaker Pro Advanced v11.0.3.31213-03-201755%
FileMaker Pro Advanced v12.0.1.18322-07-201542%
Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced22-07-201563%
FileMaker Pro Advanced v11.0.1.9622-07-201557%
FileMaker Pro v8.5v1 Advanced Multilanguage22-07-201566%
FileMaker Mobile v8.0 MacOSX22-07-201532%
Passware FileMaker Password Recovery Key 6.3.78524-05-201650%
Windows 2003 Server Enterprise + Server to Workstation24-05-20160%
LST Server - Lan Speed Test Server 1.325-11-201562%
Windows 2000 Server RC3 (al igual que para el Windows 2000 Pro Full Server)24-05-201620%
MicrosoftWindows 2003 Server Multiboot 2003 Server Multiboot 200324-05-20160%
MicrosoftWindows 2003 Server Multiboot 2003 Server Multiboot 200323-07-201537%
SQL Server 7.024-07-201581%

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