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Visual PHP php for Visual Studio24-07-201523%
Microsoft Visual Studio Express 201023-07-201591%
Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise12-12-201689%
Visual Studio Enterprise 201505-10-201588%
Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express23-07-201585%
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (VS2010)23-07-201585%
Visual FoxPro-9.024-07-201586%
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Standard23-07-201583%
Visual Studio 2015 Professionial03-11-201684%
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate23-07-201583%
Visual FoxPro 9.024-07-201583%
Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express23-07-201583%
Visual C# 2010 Express24-07-201582%
Visual Web Developer24-07-201583%
Microsoft Visual C++ 201023-07-201582%
Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.023-07-201582%
Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (VS2010)24-07-201581%
Visual Studio 6.024-07-201582%
Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ 4.023-07-201581%
Visual studio 2017 professional03-07-201784%
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express23-07-201580%
Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition24-07-201579%
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate23-07-201579%
Visual Studio 6 Pro24-07-201580%
Visual Studio 6.0 Edicion empresarial24-07-201579%
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional23-07-201578%
Visual Studio 2010 Professional24-07-201583%
Visual Zip Password Recovery 5.52 - 5.5424-07-201577%
Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise [03 June 2017]05-06-201777%
Visual Studio 2010 Proessional24-07-201576%
Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate24-07-201575%
Microsoft Visual C# Express23-07-201575%
Visual Studio 2013 professional24-07-201582%
Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop24-07-201575%
Visual Studio 2012 professional24-07-201575%
Visual Studio 2005 Profesional24-07-201575%
Visual FoxPro 8.024-07-201575%
Visual Studio 2010 Professional24-07-201574%
Visual Studio Professional 201224-07-201574%
Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate29-07-201574%
Visual Studio Ultimate 201024-07-201574%
Visual Business Cards 4.0424-07-201574%
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Learner's Edition23-07-201575%
Auslogics Visual Styler v3.1.15.14521-07-201574%
Auslogics Visual Styler v3.1.14.14221-07-201574%
Visual Basics 201024-07-201575%
Visual Studio LightSwitch 201124-07-201574%
Dundas Chart for OLAP Services For Windows Forms v7.0.0.1803.for Visual Studio 200522-07-201575%
Adobe Visual Communicator v3.x21-07-201574%

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